Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Conference Co-Chairs:
Ian Turnbull, Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations, Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
Parkson Wong, Vice President Infrastructure and Operations, CBRE Limited

8:15 a.m.


Managing Change in a Socially Connected World: Implications for Leadership


New media is breaking the traditional rules of corporate organization and by doing so is inspiring new business models based on flexibility and creativity– and leaders must catch up, or dry up. Kirstine Stewart draws on her experience as the former head of CBC English Services, where she forged unprecedented digital ground at the public broadcaster, and at her current role leading Twitter Canada at a transformative time for the company at the forefront of instant communication.

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Kirstine Stewart, Managing Director, Twitter Canada

9:15 a.m.

Technologies Influence on Design: The Explosive Potential for the Future of Development


360 Visibility

What does the future hold for real estate developments? How can technology drive change and change the face of the industry and built form? What are some of the implications that technology has on the built form? Hear what could be the future of design, sustainability and building technology. Brook Melchin will take us on a tour of his concept design of the future which is sure to impress and ignite some interesting questions.

Brook Melchin, Senior Architect, Riddell Kurczaba Architecture Engineering Interior Design Ltd.

9:45 a.m.



10:15 a.m.



What Is In Store for the Future of Technology and How Will It Affect the Real Estate Market?

What are the new ideas and products coming to market over the near, medium and long term? How are break-through technologies going to change the face of our marketplace today? What are some new advancements that could provide optimization, efficiencies and even revolutionary changes within your organization? Come and hear what innovations are at the forefront of our industry. We will hear from those on the front lines every day. What do they see as major technology trends, risks, opportunities, and challenges affecting real estate today?

Lara Dodo, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Cougar Software

John Stanfill, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Service, CoStar Group

Alain Cohen, Business Development, Director, Arcestra Inc.
Leonard Drimmer, Chief Executive Officer, Property Vista Software Inc.
Guillaume Fiastre, Chief Executive Officer, Taliance

How Do You Quantify the Benefit: Finding the Elusive ROI

How do you measure and quantify the intangible, understand the unknown challenges and assess the bottom line when it comes to technological investments? Senior executives want more information faster at a rapidly increasing speed. How do you manage big data while doing your job and implementing structural changes? Join us as we examine how you can sell the technology solution within your organization when dealing with increased governance and a multi-generational workforce. This session will look at whether cost reductions are feasible, maximizing your investment technology with the importance of good, granular data and efficiency strategies to increase net revenues across multiple real estate platforms. Office, industrial and retail assets will be used to demonstrate how costs are being reduced without a loss of production or quality in services.

Patrick Postrehovsky, Co-Founder & CEO, RentMoola Payment Solutions Inc.

John Chung, Director, Information Technology, Allied Properties REIT
Anusha Felsher, Vice President Corporate Services, Menkes Developments Ltd.
Damien Georges, Chief Executive Officer, Hipercept
Alan James, Industry Principal, Investment Management & Commercial Real Estate, Yardi Systems, Inc.

George Brown Campus Case Study (Queens Quay)

Join us for a virtual tour of what has been referred to as one of the smartest commercial buildings in Canada, the new George Brown Campus in Downtown Toronto. This property challenges previous buildings in its design and operations to improve long-term performance regarding sustainability, network operations systems and functionality. Come hear what the future looks like today!

Heather Brady, National Sales Manager, Yardi Systems, Inc.

Terry Comeau
, Executive Director, George Brown College

Scott Dawdy, Managed Services, Ellis Don
Michael Wolf, Senior ICT Project Manager, Ellis Don

11:25 a.m.



Changing Times, Changing Consumers and Changing Footprints: What’s New with the Retail Landscape That Will Have Implications for Commercial Real Estate?

How will 3D printing, pop-up stores, on-line shopping and smart-malls change retail assets across the industry? Will we see an impactful decrease in store footprints? What happens to big-box locations? How smart do our malls have to get and what are some technologies that cutting edge owners are contemplating? This session will discuss the hottest retail trends and how investors, developers and tenants will react.

Rodney McDonald, Senior Vice President, Consulting and Advisory Services, Avison Young

Anthony Casalanguida, Director of Retail, Oxford Properties Group Inc.
Elizabeth Evans, Associate Dean, Academic Undergraduate Programs, Ted Rogers School of Management
Colin Graham, Founder, President & CEO, Arcade Inc.

Brad Keast, Vice President, Development, Osmington Inc.

Mobility, The Cloud and Business Risk:  Management Challenge or Opportunity?

Everything is going mobile and/or in a cloud. What does the new face of a mobile real estate operation really look like and how do you manage these mobile devices? What are the business risks? What does effective mobility in a real estate department or property really look like? What is too much technology and what is not enough? How do you ensure the technology advances your efforts without policies neutralizing the investment? This session will explore all the ins and outs of the mobile world and how it interacts with the commercial real estate community.

Joe Di Vittorio, Chief Product Officer, Arcestra Inc.

Andy Birch, Vice President Product Management, Cougar Software
Andrew McLeod,
Vice President, Global Strategy, RentMoola Payment Solutions Inc.
Kevin Van Horn, Senior Director, Oracle America, Inc.
Parkson Wong, Vice President Infrastructure and Operations, CBRE Limited

Make Our Buildings Smarter: From New Construction to Renovations How are Buildings Getting Smarter and What Do You Need to Know About Implementation?

Developing a smart building has one set of challenges whereas retrofitting an existing building poses its own unique opportunities. Looking at retrofits and new build, this session will explore what makes a building smart, how they can get smarter and the steps that you need to take along the way. This session will also provide an overview on the ways a smart property can reduce your staff levels, and provide some insight into valuing smart buildings over older less technical assets.

Scott McBrayne, Senior Director, Building Intelligence, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited

John Lucic, Executive Director, Energy & Technical Maintenance, Starlight Investments Ltd.
André Rochette, President & CEO, Ecosystem

James Storozuk, Vice President, Building, Energy & Geomatics Services, Infrastructure Ontario

Peter Willmott, General Manager, Eastern Canada, Property Operations, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers International

12:30 p.m.



















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Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with each other and industry leaders in an informal business lunch setting. These engaging, interesting, and unstructured discussions will provide exceptional value and opportunities to those that choose to participate. For those that would like a more casual networking lunch, tables will be set aside.

Group 1: AITO Solutions Ltd.
AITO specializes in designing and implementing solutions for the Real Estate sector with a focus on Oracle and JD Edwards solutions. Over the last 20 plus years AITO and its predecessor companies have worked with over 90% of the top companies in this sector in Canada.
The lunch session will discuss: Oracle, JD Edwards, ERP, System Selection, Real Estate Solutions, Mobility, Business Intelligence, 3rd Party Integration, and Cloud Options.

Group 2: Altus InSite
Canada’s largest provider of current and historical market and relative performance data designed to increase the investment appeal, credibility and performance of commercial real estate.
Learn how you can combine our database of over 40,000 office and industrial buildings with your internal data to generate current and historical relative performance statistics.

Group 3: Argus Software
ARGUS Software has led the real estate industry in Cash Flow modelling for over 25 years. By developing exclusively for the commercial real estate industry, we constantly make sure that we support your ability to stay ahead of the game with a complete solution for managing portfolios, cash flow modelling, budgeting and forecasting.
Lunch Discussion Topics: 1 - Urbanization and development; 2 - Retail and more Retail

Group 4: Arcestra Inc.
Arcestra® is a technology and business platform for commercial real estate. It streamlines asset management and publishing of marketing and leasing information. Arcestra unlocks tremendous efficiencies and value for landlords, brokers and tenants, by turning complex into simple so you can Be in Control, Be Mobile, Be Seen, Be Found.
Join this session and learn how to stay in control of your portfolio, maintaining data consistency while seamlessly publishing to your web page, to our iPad TourBook application and ILS.

Group 5: Cisco Canada
Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities solutions use intelligent networking capabilities to bring together people, services, community assets, and information to help community leaders address these world challenges. Discussion topics include: Connecting the Internet of Everything with the future of buildings and the future of work; How connecting people, processes, data in the workplace and in real estate can provide transformational benefits in sustainability, cost-savings and efficiency; and exploring the latest trends on how organizations are able to extract maximum value from today’s workplace and discussing issues and priorities as they strive for work environments that offer higher productivity.

Group 6: CoStar Group
CoStar Group is a provider of mission-critical information, analytics and marketing services for the $11 Trillion commercial real estate industry in the U. S., U. K. and now Canada. Global commercial real estate firms count on our comprehensive property and tenant information, our search engine technology and our mobile platforms to make informed real estate decisions.
Our luncheon session will include a demonstration of the technology against our comprehensive GTA data base which includes over 1.4 Billion sq.ft. of space across 61,200 properties.

Group 7: Cougar Software
Cougar Software provides financial modeling tools designed for organizations with Real Estate interests with a need for budgeting, planning and forecasting processes. Cougar counts among its customers several of the world’s leading property management and investment companies, pension plans and REITs.
Oren Rosen, CEO Cougar Software will facilitate a discussion on what cloud computing can do for the Real Estate industry. He will focus on the good the bad and the ugly and will share how CRE companies are implementing cloud solutions to enable the easy sharing of accurate data across all departments.

Group 8: Cube Cities
Cube Cities Inc. is a Geo Spatial Data Visualization software developer for Commercial Real Estate. Our platform is a Google Earth Based mapping utility which gives Developers, Brokers and Analysts the opportunity to create stunning visual presentations of space availability and market data and intelligence in real time. Harvested market data can be now be visualized in 3D maps to brand and differentiate their message.
Topic to be discussed: Easy Visualization of Commercial Real Estate Data in Excel
The key points are:Real Time Data Reporting, Market Data & Portfolio Metrics

Group 9: Hipercept
Hipercept delivers Technology Consulting, Information Management and Outsource Services that improve the profitability and operational efficiency of real estate and private equity investors. The world’s largest investors of alternative assets trust Hipercept to provide strategic advice, project management, business analysis, custom development, product implementation and more.
Discussions as lunch will focus on the ability to collect, organize, and effectively maintain data with the intent of making more informed and strategic business decisions.

Group 10: Hitachi Solutions
Join Hitachi Solutions to learn more about our powerful Property Management collaboration Solution. Reduce the challenges of sharing, accessing and securing information that supports critical documents and processes. Streamline complicated systems and processes associated with documentation, personnel, construction, leasing and legal functions with Hitachi Solution’s Property Management Solution for dramatic changes in efficiency and collaboration.

Group 11: RealNet Canada Inc.
Founded in 1995, REALNET® has used market intelligence and insights to transform the Canadian property market by leveraging more than $300 B and 75,000 commercial research transactions and more than $200 B and 550,000 detailed high rise and low rise  residential development records. Learn how REALNET® can empower you the way it empowers more than 45,000 professionals across Canada.  Start with better research and let the unique REALNET® platform of market analysis, insights and world class systems and tools allow you to be better informed and well connected.

Group 12: RentMoola Payment Solutions Inc.
RentMoola is a mobile and online payment network in partnership with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We allow the real estate industry to accept credit card and direct debit payments at no cost. Let your tenants earn rewards faster with our MoolaPerks program and save time with our powerful cloud based reporting systems.
This presentation will cover: How to reduce default and save time on collections; How to attract and retain tenants at no cost; Trends in the payments industry; and the power of mobile payments.

Group 13: Space Database Inc.
Space Database provides building measurement and on-line marketing services to the commercial real estate industry. Through ISO:9001 registered processes, building drawings are kept accurate, current and available on-line. Innovative marketing services enable leasing managers to easily broadcast compelling building information and drawings.
This discussion will include: Drawing data and area management; Web based marketing tools; Application integration; 3D marketing applications; Website design and data integration.

Group 14: Taliance
Taliance is a financial services IT software vendor with over 100 clients in 15+ countries and leading the evolution of visionary solutions for alternative investment firms in forecasting, modeling ’what if’ scenarios and other front middle office analytics.
The topic of this presentation: “Is an investment in front office capabilities and industry best practices for real estate the best way to improve asset management and the quality of acquisitions/timing of dispositions?”

Group 15: Yardi Systems
Yardi offers a suite of products and services so that you can operate your entire real estate management business on a single platform from a mobile device. Full business solutions for every real estate market include multifamily, single family, affordable, public, senior and military housing as well as office, industrial, and retail market segments.
The topic of this discussion will be emerging technology solutions for Commercial Real Estate.

Group 16: SpaceList
We believe that buildings exist to serve the people who use them. We exist to help people find and secure a space that brings their vision to life. That purpose drives everything we do. We strive to understand our customers better than anyone, and to turn those insights into better products. We focus on doing a small number of things that matter, and doing them remarkably well. We give you complete, rich and accurate information to help you discover incredible spaces and make a smart decision about where to build your business.

Group 17: Extreme Measures Inc.
Extreme Measures uses high-accuracy lasers and 3D scanners to measure buildings for North America's most prominent real estate companies. We produce as-built plans and BIM models to facilitate BOMA analysis, area certification, acquisition due-diligence, space marketing, planning and retrofit.
This session will demonstrate our best-in-class technologies including 3D Laser Scanning and our Planmine Building Data System. We will also introduce our new API which allows our clients to embed up-to-date building information directly into corporate websites and enterprise software environments.


*For those who do not plan to participate in one of the groups, a separate eating area will be provided.

2:00 p.m.



Competing or Complementing Traditional Real Estate Owners: Who Are The New Players And How Will They Impact The Market?

This session will explore new companies in existence and coming to the market that will compete with traditional real estate owners for their tenants and clients. Air BNB and Liquid Space are just a few examples of how a new trends of service providers could challenge the traditional real estate landscape.

Bill MacEwen, Founder, SpaceList

David Cattell, Co-Founder, New Dirt
Ovidiu Mija, Co-Founder,

Alex Sharpe, Co-Founder, iQ Office Suites

How Do You Manage Big Data When It Keeps Getting Bigger? How Do You Determine What to Treat as a Corporate Asset?

Everything seems to be about data these days. How do you manage existing data and the increased amount of information coming in from multiple mobile devices? Big data is now being compounded by different devices. What is the best way to gather data, aggregate data and use data? Join our panel of experts in asset and portfolio management as we examine the impact technology has on reporting, business objectives, data management and delivery, organizational agility, and efficiency.

Brian Turpin, Director, Information Technology, Greenwin Inc.

Mike Abramsky, President, Argus Software
Brad Blaskavitch, Solutions Director, Solutions Consulting, Hitachi Solutions
Conor McBroom, Vice President, Slate Properties
Carol Penhale, Director of Operations, Americas, Taliance
Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Voyanta

Smart Cities, Smart Buildings: How Will the Interaction Increase Occupancy and Valuations?

Building technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past several years. What is in store for assets when integrated with a smart city agenda? When interfaced with city systems, sensors, building focused apps, and mobile networks how will the built form and operating platforms change? Will the ability to have tenants and buildings connect with news sources, weather, and traffic outlets have an effect on real estate operations, valuations and building design?

Trish Clarry, Managing Director, Corporate Solutions Canada, Jones Lang LaSalle

Rick Huijbregts, Vice President, Smart Connected Communities, Cisco Canada
John Peets, Vice President, Oxford Properties Group Inc.
Greg Spafford, Senior Vice President, LaSalle Investment Management
John Stewart, Vice President, Broker, BMO Capital Markets Real Estate Inc.




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3:00 p.m.



The closing roundtable will take a deep dive into the views of Senior Executives from across the industry. We will hear from owners of real estate and technology executives as our Conference Chair’s ask compelling questions into their organizational strategy. Over the next five to ten years how will they integrate technology into their organizations? What are the major challenges and trends they foresee and how are they preparing to deal with them. What are the major opportunities and products that will significantly impact the industry over the short to medium term?

Ian Turnbull, Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations, Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
Parkson Wong, Vice President Infrastructure and Operations, CBRE Limited

Maria Aiello, CIO Association of Canada
Ted Maulucci, Chief Information Officer, Tridel Corporation
Peter Sweeney, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Allied Properties REIT


Peter Altobelli, Vice President Sales, General Manager Canadian Office, Yardi Systems, Inc.
Sandy McNair, President, Altus InSite
Oren Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, Cougar Software

4:00 p.m.